Women's Clothier

COCO (stylized as CoCo Couture; pronunciation: /co:coː/)[3] is a women's retail clothier EST. 2016 that features and styles over 65 clothing designers located in the Lake Norman area which is the heart of the Carolina's.  Designers include: Frank Lyman Designs,  Atina Cristina, Analili, Gretchen Scott, Brighton, Joseph Ribkoff, and many more.  

COCO's trademark of unsurpassed quality and keen eye for exquisite designs are showcased throughout this unique boutique. While carrying over 60 different designers, the proprietor is very specific with ordering only a select few per collection and only a select few sizes.  Once the collection is sold out...no other orders for that collection are placed making the garment not only unique to your wardrobe but exclusive to the areas purveyors of fine quality in fashion.  You certainly don't want to show up at a local event and someone else is featuring your outfit of choice. 

COCO Couture receives new inventory weekly making COCO a weekly destination to see what the rave is all about in fashion for the current week.  Our professional and knowledgable staff takes every initiative to offer a magical shopping experience.  We offer appointments for private shopping throughout the week with only a 24 hour notice along with complimentary wardrobe consolations. We will show you the "5 ways" to make the best of your wardrobe by only adding "essential" basic pieces.  Call today to make a complimentary appointment.  

Nouveau Explorer
Where beauty and utillity collide: Newest winter statements couple explorer-born function with coolest colourways and streetwear detailing. Tonal layers complete the look.