Women's Clothier

About Us


   CoCo Couture was established in late Fall of 2016.  Both National and European designers sparked the interest of it's founder and quickly evolved into creating a clothier that was the forefront of sleek, sophisticated and intricate designs from around the world.  From specific focuses on designers that simulate a pattern of  melodramatic 16th Century design, intricate detailing in stitching, and contemporary flare with specific hues to compliment the season the founder had one key element and concern that stood out among the rest.....price point.  Bringing elite designers to the forefront of the Carolina's that had all those specific elements was a true obstacle.  After traveling to National fashion events to meet the designers face-to-face, CoCo Couture has mastered the art of carrying gorgeous designer apparel for women of all fashion taste at an exceptional price point.   In less than twelve months, CoCo Couture was named "Best of the City 2016" for the Best Boutique opening in the Queen City in 2016.  With a team of creative directors that serve as your personal wardrobe consultants, CoCo Couture has captured the essence of the highest achievement in fashion.  With a true passion for philanthropy, Coco Couture is involved in various charitable causes and truly enhances the essence of a "magical shopping experience." We would be delighted to help you in creating a wardrobe ensemble specific to your taste.  Please give one of our couture specialist a call to schedule your personal consultation ....always complimentary to our patrons

CoCo Couture was just awarded Small Business of the Year 2019 in our co0mmunity.  We are delighted and humbled by this award and thank each and everyone of our clients for their continued loyalty.

As Chanel once quoted, "Luxury must be comfortable. Otherwise, it is not luxury."